Ledgeview Memorial Park, Fond du Lac, WI
New Garden Mausoleum Expansion (450 spaces)
Built: 2013

This new, partially enclosed, garden mausoleum complex provides additional inventory near the existing mausoleum complex. Natural stone walls soften the hard edges and teh park shelter roof offers shade for visitors.

Graceland Cemetery, Milwaukee, WI
Multiple Garden Mausoleum Projects
Built: 2005, 2007 and 2012

We were asked to expand the garden mausoleum inventory with larger and larger projects.  100 spaces in 2005, 282 spaces in 2007 and 330 spaces in 2012.  These buildings match the existing complex.

Greenlawn Memorial Park, Kohler, WI
Expansion to the existing Chapel Mausoleum
Built: 2012

Through discussions with the client, we were able to tailor this addition to provide expansion of the crypt inventory (390 spaces), but more importantly expand the niche inventory by 600.  This niche room is naturally lit from one large skylight and the niches have internal LED lighting.

Forest Hill Memorial Park, Oak Creek, WI
Expansion to the existing Chapel Mausoleum
Built: 2010

This addition follows the geometry of the existing building and provides 610 crypt spaces and 224 niche spaces, including a small niche room.  The corridor is naturally lit with skylights.

Arlington Park, Greenfield, WI
Garden Mausoleum complex
Built: 2007

This complex increases crypt (540) and niche (288) spaces in six buildings, using an undeveloped road between two lawn burial sections.  A concrete roof with skylights provides some shelter.

Roselawn Memorial Park, Monona, WI
New Cremation garden
Built: 2005

The location of this in-ground cremation garden -  between two existing garden mausoleum buildings and a line of tall pine trees - provides the perfect outdoor room for remembering

Highland Memorial Park, New Berlin, WI
New Columbarium
Built: 2007

Expanding the availability of niche spaces was critical, so we developed an “X” shaped custom columbarium (1200 spaces).  This structure is located in the center of an unplatted section.

Miller Brewery Veteran’s Memorial, Milwaukee, WI
Built: 2010

This hexagonal memorial was designed with sloped granite panels (one each for the 5 services and a plaque) for remembering the veterans who had worked at the brewery. 

Northern Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Cemetery, Spooner, WI
Expansion of columbarium and lawn burial areas.
Built: 2007

We were asked to design new columbarium walls (864 spaces) to match the existing structures and open a new double deep lawn crypt section and a new direct burial section.