Open Bible Ev. Lutheran Church, The Villages, Fl
New church building
Built: 2008

We, in conjunction with Anderson Architects, Florida, were involved in the working drawings, site design, color selections and coordination of the new church.

Good Shepherd Ev. Lutheran Church, West Allis, WI
ADA Upgrades
Built: 2008

This project added an elevator and new accessible bathrooms to the existing building.  The exterior design mimics the exterior of the existing building.

Christ Ev. Lutheran Church, Milwaukee, WI
New front entry and classroom remodeling
Built: 2008

Over the 100 years or so of its existence, the main entry to the church had seen its share of use.  The new stair allows for exiting both east and west and provides a perfect spot for wedding pictures.

The Point of Grace Ev. Lutheran Church, Milwaukee, WI
New front addition

This project on a tight corner near UW-Milwaukee, uses glass and openness to provide a glittery façade on what is a very dark box.